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Mind, Body, Spirit – Connecting With Your Creative Self   By Braheny and Halperin

This experiential guide provides transformational exercises for each developmental stage using movement, art, body releases, visualization and affirmations.  It promotes personal growth and encourages the resolution of childhood issues particularly for Adult Children who have grown up in dysfunctional families.  It offers the reader/participant nurturance and joy in the healing process and will enhance professional skills as a facilitator for other’s growth.

Lives Well Lived: I Remember Baubie and Zadie    by Diane S. Halperin

This is a love story that takes you from the schtetls (villages) of Russia to America, "the Land of the Free" at the turn of the century.  It is a chronicle of the dying art of living life with honesty, humor, commitment, and unconditional love.  What we learn from Baubie, Zadie, and the entire Bernstein/Epstein family is how to transform life's adversities into opportunities.  They are creative artists; their palette is the attitude of possibility and joy.  Living life is their art.

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Visualizations and affirmations based on the book Mind, Body, Spirit - Connecting With Your Creative Self  
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Audio of the book: Lives Well Lived: I Remember Baubie and Zadie

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